Can't Miss Notes

A mod for Beat Saber
About the Can't Miss Notes mod

Elevate your Beat Saber performance with a breakthrough mod that ensures notes flying past you won't count as missed notes. This mod provides essential assistance, improving your accuracy, and ensuring an enhanced gaming experience.

Enhance Your Accuracy

Perfect your Beat Saber skills with a mod that ensures notes passing by won't hinder your game progress. You’ll never have to miss a beat again, giving you the ultimate rhythmic experience.

Improved Gaming Support

This mod provides invaluable help for players, ensuring a seamless gaming experience and keeping you on the right track. With this mod, conquering challenging tracks becomes more achievable and enjoyable.

Master Every Rhythm

Effortlessly hit every note with a mod that creates a supportive space for mastering your gameplay. Never miss a rhythm and enjoy the game to the fullest with this simple yet powerful addition.

Extra Details

Notes that fly past you won't count as missed notes.

This modpack contains the following mods

Can't Miss Notes

Notes that fly past you won't count as missed notes.

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