Sabers Won't Clash

A mod for Beat Saber
About the Sabers Won't Clash mod

Experience uninterrupted gameplay and enhanced immersion in Beat Saber with this mod that eliminates the frustration of clashing sabers, presenting a whole new style of play.

Fluid Gameplay Experience

Eliminate the frustration and disruption caused by clashing sabers, allowing for an uninterrupted and fluid gameplay experience.

Enhanced Immersion

Immerse yourself more deeply in the futuristic world of Beat Saber with more realistic saber movements, making your gaming experience more engaging than ever before.

Seamless Saber Action

Unleash a new style of play with seamless saber action, providing a unique and enjoyable twist to the standard gameplay, which removes the annoyance of sabers clashing.

Extra Details

Your sabers will no longer clash.

This modpack contains the following mods

Sabers Won't Clash

Your sabers will no longer clash.

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