Research Technology

A mod for Before We Leave
About the Research Technology mod

Unlock the full potential of your gameplay with this exceptional modification that allows you to instantly research any technology you choose, providing you with complete freedom in advancing your civilization without the fuss of traditional tech trees.

Streamline Your Strategy

Experience a new level of strategy with the ability to research any technology instantly. This feature allows you to focus on building your civilization without waiting for tech unlocks, enabling you to implement your strategies more effectively.

Explore Without Limits

By gaining immediate access to all technologies, you can explore and expand your civilization at an unprecedented pace. There are no longer barriers to discovering advanced shipping or space exploration, putting the entire universe at your fingertips.

Maximize Your Gameplay

This unique mod enhances your gaming experience by prioritizing tech research, giving you more time to nurture your Peeps and manage resources. Say goodbye to tedious tech progression and hello to infinite possibilities!

Extra Details

Instantly research any technology you want. Access all tech with the click of a button.

This modpack contains the following mods

Technology to Research

The technology to research.

Refresh Technology List

Refresh the technologies list.

Research Technology

Research the specified technology.

Research all Technologies

Research all technologies.

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