Teleport to Cursor

A mod for Bendy and the Dark Revival
About the Teleport to Cursor mod

Simplify your gaming experience with the Teleport to Cursor mod for Bendy and the Dark Revival. Instantly transport your character to the cursor position, and toggle a preview option to visualize your teleportation. This mod provides a convenient cheat for quick traversal, delivering a competitive edge in the game.

Enhance Your Gameplay with Instant Teleportation

Experience a new level of convenience by instantly teleporting to the cursor position in Bendy and the Dark Revival. Save time and effort while exploring the game world.

Previsualize Your Teleportation

Toggle the option to preview where your character will teleport to using this mod. This feature allows for precision in setting up your teleports, making it a valuable tool for planning and strategy in the game.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Quick Traversal

Cheating in the game for quick traversal not only streamlines your gameplay but also offers an advantage in challenging encounters. Use this mod to outmaneuver obstacles and foes, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Extra Details

Instantly teleport to cursor.

This modpack contains the following mods

Teleport to Cursor

Instantly teleport to cursor.

Teleport Visualization

Turn on or off a preview of where your player will teleport to. Very handy in setting up teleports.

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