No Damage

A mod for Besiege
About the No Damage mod

This mod for Besiege offers complete protection for your vehicles and structures, ensuring immunity to damage, preventing block destruction, and safeguarding against fires.

Overview Video
Immunize Your Vehicles

Safeguard your vehicles and structures in Besiege from damage with this mod, ensuring they remain impervious and indestructible during gameplay.

Enhance Gameplay Safety

Discover a way to fortify your vehicles against block damage and fires in Besiege, providing a secure and carefree gaming experience.

Unrestricted Building and Testing

Utilize this mod in Besiege to freely experiment with vehicle designs and structures without the fear of damage, enabling unlimited testing and creativity.

Extra Details

Your vehicle no longer takes damage.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Block Damage

Prevent block damage. This won't stop fires or explosions.

No Fire

Prevents anything from catching on fire.

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