No Damage

A mod for Besiege
About the No Damage mod

Transform your gaming experience with the ability to construct unstoppable siege engines that will no longer take damage. Explore your creativity without the worry of destruction, as you customize your gameplay with options to prevent block damage and avoid fire hazards.

Overview Video
Unleash Your Creativity

With the ability for your siege engines to withstand damage, you can unleash your imagination without limits. Build ambitious structures knowing they won't fall apart during intense gameplay.

A Safe Playground for Experimentation

This mod creates a safe environment for testing various designs. You can create complex contraptions and experiment with wild ideas without worrying about the consequences of damage.

Skip the Repairs, Focus on Fun

By removing damage from your vehicles, you can dive straight into the action and focus on mastering your craft. Spend less time repairing your creations and more time enjoying the chaos of battle.

Extra Details

Your vehicle no longer takes damage.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Block Damage

Prevent block damage. This won't stop fires or explosions.

No Fire

Prevents anything from catching on fire.

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