Give Upgrades

A mod for Bloody Hell
About the Give Upgrades mod

Gain control over your gaming experience in Bloody Hell with the Give Upgrades mod. Instantly grant yourself any upgrade, choosing from a variety of powerful options like Aggravated Attraction and Godspeed to enhance your abilities and conquer the challenges of the game. Refresh the available upgrades list at any time to ensure flexibility and strategic advantage.

Upgrade at Your Fingertips

Gain the power to instantly grant yourself any chosen upgrade in the game, including powerful options like Aggravated Attraction or Godspeed with the simple click of a button, enhancing your abilities to conquer the challenges of Bloody Hell.

Unleash Your Power

With the ability to choose from a wide range of upgrades, such as Aggravated Attraction and Godspeed, you can customize your gameplay experience, gaining an edge to surpass daunting levels and foes in Bloody Hell.

Flexibility and Control

Stay in command of your gameplay by refreshing the available upgrades list at your discretion. Take charge of your strategy and playstyle, ensuring you have the best upgrades at your disposal to dominate the challenges of Bloody Hell.

Extra Details

Give yourself any upgrade.

This modpack contains the following mods

Upgrade To Give

The upgrade to give yourself.

Refresh Upgrade List

Refresh the list of upgrades that are available. Please bring the game into focus for this to work.

Give Upgrade

Instantly give yourself the selected upgrade.

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