Rapid Fire

A mod for Bloody Hell
About the Rapid Fire mod

Amplify your shooting prowess with the Rapid Fire mod for Bloody Hell. Enable this feature to turn your in-game weapon into a relentless force, unleashing rapid and continuous gunfire to dominate combat scenarios like never before.

Unleash Relentless Firepower

Transform your in-game weapon into a powerhouse of rapid and unstoppable shooting, effectively overwhelming adversaries and gaining a significant edge in combat scenarios. With the mod enabled, your shooting capabilities become exceptionally potent, elevating your gameplay and ensuring a thrilling, action-packed experience in Bloody Hell.

Dominate Combat Scenarios

With the rapid fire mod, you can dominate combat situations as your weapon unleashes an intense, continuous stream of firing, granting you unparalleled control and tactical superiority. This mod guarantees a heightened sense of empowerment, enabling you to assert your dominance and experience exhilarating gameplay in Bloody Hell.

Amplify Shooting Efficiency

By enabling rapid fire mode, you can significantly enhance your shooting efficiency, giving you a crucial advantage in intense combat encounters within the game. This mod offers a strategic edge, empowering you to navigate challenging battles with precision and speed, enhancing your overall gaming experience in Bloody Hell.

Extra Details

Make your weapon shoot SUPER fast.

This modpack contains the following mods

Rapid Fire

Enable rapid fire, making your weapon shoot really fast.

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