Add Cash

A mod for Bloons Adventure Time TD
About the Add Cash mod

Customize and boost your in-game cash effortlessly when building towers, with the ability to set the amount of added cash and reset funds to zero at any time.

Boost your In-Game Currency

Easily add to your in-game cash while constructing towers. Control the amount you top up and watch your resources grow with this handy mod.

Tailored Cash Addition

Set the precise amount of additional cash to match your gameplay needs, giving you the flexibility to manage your resources effectively.

Quick Reset Option

Instantly reset your cash to zero with a simple action, providing a convenient way to manage your in-game finances as you see fit.

Extra Details

Add to your cash. This affects in game cash only when you are building towers. This won't do anything if you directly set your cash with the set cash mod.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount to Add

The amount of cash to add.

Add Cash

Gives you the specified amount of cash.

Reset Cash

Instantly set your cash back to zero.

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