Auto Start Round

A mod for Bloons Adventure Time TD
About the Auto Start Round mod

Experience seamless transitions between rounds with this mod, as it automates the start of each new round in Bloons Adventure Time TD. Additionally, benefit from the option to enable fast forward for quicker progression through levels.

Automated Round Transitions

Say goodbye to manual round starts as this mod automates the process, seamlessly transitioning to the next round, saving time and enhancing your gaming experience in Bloons Adventure Time TD.

Efficiency Boost

Enable automated round transitions, saving valuable time and ensuring a smooth gameplay experience, aligning with your need for speed in Bloons Adventure Time TD.

Fast Forward Option

With the option to enable fast forward when starting the next round, this mod offers enhanced control and accelerated gameplay, optimizing your strategy execution in Bloons Adventure Time TD.

Extra Details

Automatically start the next round when the previous round finishes.

This modpack contains the following mods

Auto Start Round

Automatically start the round.

Enable Fast Forward

Enable the fast forward option when starting the next round. The fast forward option will be disabled if this option is disabled.

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