Set Cash

A mod for Bloons Adventure Time TD
About the Set Cash mod

This mod offers players the ability to lock their cash at a specific value of their choice, ensuring they always have enough cash to engage in diverse activities within Bloons Adventure Time TD. With an infinite cash feature, players can maximize their strategic prowess and enjoy an enhanced gaming experience.

Unlock New Possibilities with Set Cash Feature

Players can ensure they always have sufficient cash on hand by using the mod's infinite cash feature. This allows for an enhanced gaming experience, providing the freedom to engage in various activities without financial constraints.

Empower Your Strategy with Customizable Cash

The mod lets players set their cash to any value they choose, offering the flexibility to tailor their gameplay experience according to their preferences. This feature enables players to strategically plan and execute their in-game activities effectively.

Experience Seamless Mod Installation with AzzaMods

AzzaMods provides a hassle-free way to install mods for Bloons Adventure Time TD. With simple integration, players can enjoy the benefits of various mods, including the Set Cash feature, enhancing their gaming experience effortlessly.

Extra Details

Lock your cash at a specific value so you always have enough cash to do anything.

This modpack contains the following mods

Set Cash

Enable the toggle to set your cash to any value you choose.

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