Add Cash

A mod for Bloons TD 6
About the Add Cash mod

Boost your in-game cash resources effortlessly and avoid potential crashes with this mod by adding large amounts of cash at once to maximize your gameplay experience.

Overview Video
Multiply Your In-Game Wealth

With the mod, easily add large sums of cash with a single click, giving you the spending power to advance through the game and strengthen your defense against those pesky Bloons.

Game-Saving Economy Boost

Avoid game crashes by utilizing the mod to add significant amounts of cash at once, providing a smooth gameplay experience without unforeseen interruptions.

Enhanced Gaming Power

Supercharge your in-game resources, allowing you to explore diverse strategies and have more fun with the game while dominating the Bloons TD 6 universe.

Extra Details

Add to your cash. This won't do anything if you directly set your cash with the set cash mod.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount to Add

The amount of cash to add.

Add Cash

Gives you the specified amount of cash. Avoid spamming this or it may result in a crash. It is best to add large amounts of cash once instead of small amounts many times.

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