Add Round Cash

A mod for Bloons TD 6
About the Add Round Cash mod

Enhance your gameplay with the ability to add cash while in a round, allowing for a more enjoyable and strategic tower defense experience in Bloons TD 6. Customize your desired amount of cash to add and unleash your creativity in the game!

Overview Video
Boost Your Game Instantly

Imagine gearing up for the toughest rounds without worrying about running out of resources. By adding cash directly while playing, you can focus on crafting your strategy and defending against those pesky bloons.

Freedom from Financial Worry

With the option to set a custom amount of cash to add, no longer will you need to hoard resources. You can spend freely and explore the full potential of towers and upgrades without hesitation.

Maximize Your Strategy

This tool is perfect for those who enjoy experimenting. Try new tower combinations and defenses without the fear of financial shortfall. Dive deep into innovative strategies in Bloons TD 6 with ease!

Extra Details

Add to your cash when you're in a round. This won't do anything if you directly set your cash with the set cash mod.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount to Add

The amount of cash to add.

Add Cash

Gives you the specified amount of cash. Avoid spamming this or it may result in a crash. It is best to add large amounts of cash once instead of small amounts many times.

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