Auto Start Round

A mod for Bloons TD 6
About the Auto Start Round mod

Simplify and expedite your Bloons TD 6 gameplay with this unique mod that eliminates the need for manual round starts, allowing for seamless and uninterrupted tower defense action.

Overview Video
Seamless Gameplay Automation

Experience the convenience of uninterrupted gameplay as this mod eliminates the need for manually starting rounds in Bloons TD 6, making your tower defense strategy more automated.

Effortless Round Transition

Automatically progress to the next round without any interruptions, allowing you to maintain focus on your tower defense tactics and enjoy a smoother gaming experience with this innovative mod.

Enhance Tower Defense Strategy

Maximize your tactical efficiency and optimize your tower defense strategy by seamlessly transitioning between rounds with the automated round start feature of this mod in Bloons TD 6.

Extra Details

Automatically start the next round when the previous round finishes.

This modpack contains the following mods

Auto Start Round

Automatically start the round.

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