Infinite Crew Health

A mod for Bomber Crew
About the Infinite Crew Health mod

Ensure your crew's survival in Bomber Crew with the Infinite Crew Health mod, granting them the ability to withstand any hit and stay at full capacity, allowing you to focus on achieving victory.

Unleash Unstoppable Crew Power

Empower your crew with the ability to withstand any hit, ensuring they always remain at the top of their game. Never worry about crew health again and focus solely on achieving victory.

Improve Crew Survival Odds

With this mod, you guarantee that your crew will be able to survive even the harshest missions. Enjoy the game with less worry about crew losses and focus on achieving your objectives.

Attain Invincibility for Your Crew

Grant your crew unparalleled abilities with this mod, making them essentially invincible. This will transform your gameplay, ensuring your focus remains on completing your mission.

Extra Details

Gives your crew infinite health.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Crew Health

Gives your crew full health. Prevents your crew from instantly dying.

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