Unlimited Fuel

A mod for Bomber Crew
About the Unlimited Fuel mod

Unlock the potential for limitless flying in your tactical missions with this fascinating enhancement. Say goodbye to fuel limitations, with automatic refueling and leak prevention that allows you to focus solely on your strategic objectives. Let your missions soar as your bomber crew tackles every challenge without fuel constraints.

Experience Uninterrupted Missions

Imagine flying high without the constant worry of fuel running low; this mod allows your bomber crew to complete lengthy missions without fuel constraints, enhancing your gameplay and strategic planning.

Focus on Strategy, Not Fuel

With automatic fuel replenishment, you'll have more freedom to concentrate on your mission objectives instead of tedious fuel management. Spend your time strategizing for victory, not worrying about refueling.

Eliminate Fuel Leaks for Good

Prevent the hassle of fuel leaks that can disrupt your missions. This mod ensures any leaks are automatically repaired, keeping your aircraft always primed for action.

Extra Details

Give your plane unlimited fuel.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Fuel Leaks

Prevent fuel leaks. Any fuel leaks will automatically repair.

Unlimited Fuel

Your fuel is unlimited. Your fuel tanks will automatically fill.

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