Infinite Health

A mod for Bounty of One
About the Infinite Health mod

Unleash your full potential in the Wild West with this mod, providing you with infinite health and god mode, allowing you to face relentless bounty hunters and survive endless hordes of enemies with enhanced ease and empowerment.

Ultimate Survival Mode

Survive relentless hordes of enemies and claim victory without the fear of losing health, enhancing your gameplay experience to become the ultimate gunslinger in the Wild West.

Fearless Bounty Hunter

Experience the thrill of the Wild West as a resilient and unstoppable force in the face of danger, enabling you to take on and triumph over endless waves of bounty hunters with ease.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Immerse yourself fully in the game as you unleash your skills without the worry of health depletion, providing an enthralling and liberating gameplay experience.

Extra Details

Gives you infinite health. Your health will constantly be filled. You have god mode.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Health

Gives you infinite health.

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