A mod for Bridge Constructor
About the Essentials mod

Enhance your Bridge Constructor experience with a mod pack that removes building length limits, eliminates costs associated with components, and adds a speed modifier. Build better bridges and enjoy an easier and more efficient construction process.

Overview Video
Unlimited Building Components

Expand your bridge building possibilities by removing the length limit for building components. Enjoy the freedom to construct without constraints.

Cost-Free Construction

Build without financial restrictions as this mod eliminates the costs associated with components, enabling you to unleash your creativity without worrying about expenses.

Enhanced Efficiency

Optimize your construction process by modifying the speed of your game with the speed modifier feature. Experience quicker results and smoother gameplay.

Extra Details

Want to build better bridges and have an easier time? This mod pack adds Remove Max Length, Free Building Components, Speed Modifier and Remove Bridge Mass.

This modpack contains the following mods

Remove Max Length

Remove the length limit for components (e.g. Wood, Steel, Cable).

Free Building Components

Remove the cost of components (e.g. Wood, Steel, Cable).

Speed Modifier

Modify the speed of your game, this can be used to speed up the wait for the vehicles to drive over your construction.

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