Infinite Health

A mod for BTD But You're The Bloon
About the Infinite Health mod

Enter a world of limitless possibilities in 'Bloons But You're The Bloon' with the Infinite Health mod. Gain invincibility and at least 10 layers worth of balloons at any time, ensuring an unbeatable gaming experience where victory is within reach at all times.

Unstoppable Gameplay

Gain an unbeatable edge in 'Bloons But You're The Bloon' with the ability to survive indefinitely, ensuring no balloon can stop your progress.

Master the Game

Discover limitless potential and ensure victory as you dominate the game with unbreakable defenses and unyielding health.

Total Invincibility

Revolutionize your experience in 'BTD But You're The Bloon' by obtaining god mode and the ability to withstand unlimited layers and health, ushering in an era of unstoppable gameplay.

Extra Details

Give yourself infinite health. This will give you at least 10 layers worth of balloons at any one time.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Health

Give yourself infinite health.

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