Infinite Lives

A mod for BTD But You're The Bloon
About the Infinite Lives mod

Empower your gameplay with the ability to grant yourself infinite lives in the 'BTD But You're The Bloon' game. This mod provides a strategic advantage, allowing you to tackle challenging levels with ease and immerse yourself in a more customizable and enjoyable gaming experience.

Gain the Upper Hand with Infinite Lives

By enabling the infinite lives mod, players can enjoy an advantage in progressing through challenging levels, ensuring a more rewarding gaming experience.

Customize Your Game Experience

Embrace the freedom to customize gameplay by giving yourself infinite lives, offering endless opportunities for strategic experimentation and enjoyment.

Overcome Challenges with Ease

Obtain a competitive edge and conquer difficult rounds with the ability to bestow infinite lives upon your gameplay character.

Extra Details

Give yourself infinite lives.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Lives

Give yourself infinite lives. This is the number of layers you have.

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