Cafe Maintenance

A mod for Cafe Owner Simulator
About the Cafe Maintenance mod

Embark on an immersive journey as a cafe owner with the Cafe Maintenance mod for Cafe Owner Simulator. Tackle the demanding but rewarding tasks of cleaning up your cafe, eliminating pests, and carrying out necessary repairs to enhance the overall appeal of your establishment.

Overview Video
Rid Your Cafe of Nuisances

Take on the challenge of eliminating pests such as rats and roaches from your cafe, creating a cleaner and safer environment for your customers and staff.

Cafe Maintenance Realism

Immerse yourself in the realistic upkeep of a cafe, from cleaning up messes and repairing structural issues to maintain a satisfactory establishment for patrons.

Enhance Your Cafe's Appeal

Invest in the restoration and enhancement of your cafe, making it an inviting and attractive space that will draw in more customers and boost your business.

Extra Details

Repair, clean up and manage your cafe. Kill all the rats, roaches and bums. Repair the windows. Mop the floors. Safe so much time.

This modpack contains the following mods

Clean Cafe

Clean up all the trash, leaves, puddles and dirt.

Repair Cafe

Repairs the building.

Kill Rats

Catch and kill all the rats.

Kill Roaches

Catch and kill all the roaches.

Kill Bums

Catch and kill all the bums.

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