Give Money

A mod for Cafe Owner Simulator
About the Give Money mod

This mod streamlines the process of accumulating in-game money in Cafe Owner Simulator, providing a simple action to give yourself additional funds, ensuring a smoother and more fulfilling gaming experience.

Simplify In-Game Currency Acquisition

Access an easy and convenient method to accumulate in-game funds, helping you unlock new features and progress swiftly in Cafe Owner Simulator.

Enhance Your Cafe Owner Experience

Expedite your progress and enjoy the game to the fullest with a mod that provides a simple way to boost your in-game money, offering a significant advantage in Cafe Owner Simulator.

Unlock Opportunities with Quick Money Mod

Acquire extra in-game money effortlessly, opening up opportunities to enhance your cafe's design, hire top-tier employees, and attract more customers in Cafe Owner Simulator.

Extra Details

Give yourself money.

This modpack contains the following mods

Give Amount

How many money to give yourself.

Give Money

Give yourself the money.

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