Speed Modifier

A mod for Cafe Owner Simulator
About the Speed Modifier mod

Influence the tempo of your Cafe Owner Simulator gameplay with the Speed Modifier mod. This mod empowers players to customize the game's speed, offering the flexibility to hasten or slow down the in-game events, thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Refine Your Gameplay Speed

Take control of your gameplay by customizing the game speed to suit your style. Speed up or slow down the game to enhance your experience and make gameplay more engaging.

Personalize Your Gaming Experience

Tailor the speed of Cafe Owner Simulator according to your preferences. Whether you seek a faster-paced adventure or a leisurely gaming experience, this mod provides the flexibility to adjust the speed as per your liking.

Enhance Immersion with Speed Modification

Immerse yourself deeper into the Cafe Owner Simulator world by applying this mod to alter the game speed. Experience a new level of gaming engagement with the ability to modify the pace of your in-game journey.

Extra Details

Modify the speed of the game.

This modpack contains the following mods

Game Speed

Enable the toggle to set the speed of the game.

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