Customers Accept Any Offer

A mod for Car For Sale Simulator 2023
About the Customers Accept Any Offer mod

Gain an upper hand in Car For Sale Simulator 2023 with this mod that completely transforms the game dynamics. Customers are now open to accepting almost any offered price, even beyond the usual sticker price; this means you can sell cars at incredibly low prices or even receive money when purchasing cars. As a result, this mod provides an effortless way to exploit game mechanics, allowing you to generate substantial in-game profits.

Profitable Exploitation

Leverage the mod to create an advantage in the game, enabling you to substantially increase your in-game profits by taking advantage of customer behavior.

Unconventional Sales Strategies

Explore unique selling tactics with the mod, like selling cars at extremely low prices or even getting paid for buying cars, completely altering the in-game trade dynamics and offering a fresh and exciting gameplay experience.

Seizing Financial Opportunities

Discover easy opportunities to amass wealth within the game with the mod, presenting an avenue to make lucrative deals with customers that go far beyond the typical boundaries of in-game pricing.

Extra Details

Customers will accept basically any offer. When buying a car, you can use a negative value and the customer will pay you money. There is a limit of 1 million dollars for what they will pay you. Customers will accept any offer even if the price is higher than the sticker price. Set your car to be sold for 10 dollars, wait for customers, then high ball an offer and rake in the money.

This modpack contains the following mods

People Accept Low Offers When Selling

People will sell their cars for much cheaper, or even pay you to take away the car.

Customers Accept Any Offers When Buying

Customers will accept basically any offer when you're trying to sell the car to them.

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