Vehicle Customiser

A mod for Car For Sale Simulator 2023
About the Vehicle Customiser mod

Revolutionize your gaming experience with the Vehicle Customizer mod for Car For Sale Simulator 2023. Customize every vehicle in the game by adjusting their max speed and down force, offering an unparalleled level of personalization and control. Whether you're seeking extreme speed or enhanced stability, this mod allows you to tailor each vehicle to your preferred specifications, ensuring an immersive and thrilling gameplay.

Customize Vehicles for a Personalized Experience

Alter the max speed of vehicles and down force to create a personalized driving experience, offering more control and thrill as you navigate the game world.

Explore New Heights with Extreme Down Force

Experiment with negative down force values to watch your car soar into the sky, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay.

Balance Speed and Stability for Optimal Performance

Fine-tune the down force to strike the perfect balance between speed and stability, ensuring a smooth ride while maintaining impressive speed.

Extra Details

Allows you to customise vehicles, changing every vehicle in the game to match the specs you specify. Change the max speed of vehicles and the down force. AI tend to ignore things like max speed. You can set the down force which is used to glue your car to the ground. Setting a super negative value like -10000 for the down force will cause your car to fly up into the sky. The higher the down force, the less likely you are to flip the car, but it will also slow you down.

This modpack contains the following mods

Max Speed

The max speed of vehicles.

Set Max Speed

Set the max speed of all vehicles to the specified value.

Down Force

Sets the force that is applied to keep the vehicle on the ground. This is used to stop the car from flipped or flying off the ground. The default value is usually around 25. If you set a negative value, the car will eventually fly up into the air.

Set Down Force

Set the down force of all vehicles to the specified value.

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