Easy Repair

A mod for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018
About the Easy Repair mod

Effortlessly restore car bodies, repair attached parts, and remove rust with this mod. Simply click to instantly set all car parts to their maximum condition, saving time and enhancing your gameplay experience.

Restore Cars to Their Former Glory

With this mod, easily restore car bodies and their attached parts, eliminating rust and bringing them back to their original pristine condition.

Maximize Your Car's Potential

Effortlessly set all your car parts to their maximum condition, saving time and drastically improving car performance with just a single click.

Effortless Repairs for Car Enthusiasts

Simplify the repair process and spend more time enjoying the game with this mod that removes the hassle of manual repairs and rust removal, making the experience more enjoyable.

Extra Details

Repairs the body of the car and all parts that are attached to the car. Removes rust. Doesn't seem to affect certain parts of the car.

This modpack contains the following mods

Repair Everything

Instantly set the condition of all parts to max.

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