Population Manager

A mod for Cardboard Town
About the Population Manager mod

Effortlessly customize and control the population in Cardboard Town. Add or remove citizens to tailor your city according to your strategic vision and optimize its growth.

Effortless Population Management

Customize and control your city's population effortlessly. Add or remove citizens as per your strategy, simplifying the management process in Cardboard Town.

Strategic Population Control

Gain complete control over your city's population by adding new citizens or removing old ones. Tailor the population to suit your gameplay style, optimizing your city's growth in Cardboard Town.

Seamless Population Customization

Easily modify and streamline your city's population to achieve your desired balance. This mod provides a hassle-free way to adjust the citizen count in Cardboard Town according to your specific needs and aspirations.

Extra Details

Customize and control your population easily by adding in new citizens or removing old citizens.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Manager to Population

The amount of manager to population.

Population Manager

Population the specified amount of manager.

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