Set Max Money

A mod for Cardboard Town
About the Set Max Money mod

Easily customize and set your in-game maximum money to meet your specific gameplay needs with this mod for Cardboard Town. Maintain control of your finances and enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with personalized currency management.

Take Control of Your Finances

With this mod, you have the power to set your maximum money at a level that suits your gameplay, ensuring a personalized gaming experience.

Enhance Your Gameplay Balance

By customizing your max money, you can achieve a well-balanced in-game economy, making resource management a more strategic and enjoyable aspect of Cardboard Town.

Tailor Your In-Game Currency to Your Preferences

This mod provides the flexibility to adjust your maximum money, allowing you to tailor the game's financial aspect to align with your desired progression pace.

Extra Details

Instantly set your max money to a specified amount.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Max Money to Set

The amount of max money to set.

Set Max Money

Set the specified amount of max money.

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