Win Level

A mod for Castle of Alchemists
About the Win Level mod

Elevate your gaming experience with this exclusive mod for Castle of Alchemists. Instantly win the current level with a single action, empowering you to tackle challenging levels effortlessly and defend your castle with crafted powerful weapons and towers.

Effortless Level Completion

Unlock the ability to effortlessly win levels with just a single action. This mod provides a cheat to help you conquer challenging levels in Castle of Alchemists.

Enhanced Defenses

Craft powerful weapons and towers to defend your castle more effectively. This mod offers a unique way to bolster your defenses and emerge victorious in Castle of Alchemists.

Simplified Advancement

Simplify the game progression by instantly winning levels. With this exclusive mod, you can enjoy a streamlined experience on Castle of Alchemists, tailored to enhance your gaming journey.

Extra Details

Instantly win the current level.

This modpack contains the following mods

Win Level

Instantly win level.

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