Bloop Mod

A mod for Cat Goes Fishing
About the Bloop Mod mod

Immerse yourself in a new underwater world with the Bloop Mod for 'Cat Goes Fishing.' This mod customizes your fishing adventures by introducing a variety of bloops with unique characteristics, enriching your gameplay experience and offering a more personalized fishing journey.

Immerse Yourself in a New Underwater World

Explore a diverse array of bloops, each with its own unique characteristics, adding a new level of depth and variety to the underwater world. Find and interact with these new creatures to enrich your fishing experience.

Personalize Your Fishing Adventure

Engage in a tailored fishing experience by incorporating a range of bloops into your gameplay, each offering distinctive behaviors. This mod allows you to customize your fishing environment in a way that aligns with your individual play style.

Encounter Fascinating Underwater Species

Encounter an assortment of captivating bloops, each bringing a fresh dynamic to your fishing escapades. Elevate your gameplay as you navigate through the depths and engage with these newly introduced underwater denizens.

Extra Details

Puts a bunch of bloops into the game.

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