Extra Fish In Ocean

A mod for Cat Goes Fishing
About the Extra Fish In Ocean mod

Immerse yourself in a revamped ocean environment featuring a diverse selection of new fish species, alongside the ability to customize in-game elements and explore an altered in-game universe. The mod promises an enhanced and personalized gameplay encounter.

Discover New Fish Species

Dive into the ocean and encounter an array of newly added fish species, including larger-than-life catches, transforming your fishing adventures, and offering an exciting fresh gameplay experience.

Tailor Your Gameplay Experience

Personalize your in-game statistics such as money, experience points, and boat speed, empowering you to create a gameplay environment that aligns with your unique preferences and style.

Explore Altered Game Landscape

Embark on a journey through a modified game map, experiencing a transformed gaming environment that provides new challenges and opportunities for exploration.

Extra Details

There are a bunch of extra fish in the ocean. Some fish a much bigger than normal. You can set your money, experience points and the speed of your boat. The map has modifications to make it a little different.

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