Set Money & Experience

A mod for Cat Goes Fishing
About the Set Money & Experience mod

Elevate your Cat Goes Fishing experience with the ability to adjust your in-game money and experience levels using AzzaMods. This mod grants you immediate access to cheat commands that enable real-time manipulation of your resources, empowering you to maximize your gaming endeavor.

Unleash Complete Financial and Experience Control

Gain full autonomy over your in-game financial and experiential progression through the inducement of this mod. This feature empowers you to maximize the thrill of playing Cat Goes Fishing by manipulating money and experience levels as per your desired objectives.

Seamless Integration with AzzaMods

This mod integrates seamlessly with AzzaMods, enabling smooth access and execution of commands, thereby allowing instantaneous alteration of money and experience during your gameplay experience in Cat Goes Fishing.

Elevate Gaming Efficiency and Exhilaration

Experience heightened gaming efficiency and amplified exhilaration by harnessing the capability to tailor your financial and experience resources dynamically. This mod provides a streamlined approach to enhancing your gaming escapade in Cat Goes Fishing for an unparalleled adventure.

Extra Details

Adds an option in AzzaMods to set your money and set your experience at any time while playing Cat Goes Fishing. Activate this pack then run the game to access the commands.

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