Skibidi Toilets

A mod for Cat Goes Fishing
About the Skibidi Toilets mod

Embark on a novel fishing expedition in Cat Goes Fishing with the Skibidi Toilets mod. This inventive mod introduces a range of skibidi toilet fish, including common, uncommon, rare, and giant legendary skibidis, offering a fresh and fun twist to your fishing adventure.

Discover Rare Fish

Uncover a whole new world of fish by finding the common, uncommon, rare, and giant legendary skibidis. Each type of skibidi toilet fish offers a unique and exciting twist to your fishing adventure.

Customize Fishing Experience

Transform the traditional fishing experience by embracing this mod which replaces fish with skibidi toilets. This fresh and unconventional concept adds a new layer of excitement to the game.

Create a Uniquely Quirky Aquarium

Embark on a quest to collect the elusive skibidi toilet fish and create a truly distinct and quirky aquarium in Cat Goes Fishing. With multiple types of skibidi toilets to discover, your aquarium will stand out from the rest.

Extra Details

Several fish have been reskinned as Skibidi Toilets. Find the common, uncommon, rare and giant legendary skibidis!

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