Zombie Fish Pack

A mod for Cat Goes Fishing
About the Zombie Fish Pack mod

Experience the thrill of encountering a range of zombified fish with the Zombie Fish Pack mod for Cat Goes Fishing. Unveil a collection of undead marine creatures, each with its own unique behaviors, adding a suspenseful and unpredictable twist to your fishing adventures.

Unearth the Undead

Unleash a thrilling experience as you introduce a spooky and exclusive collection of Zombie Fish to the sea. Watch as these undead marine creatures transform your fishing adventures in Cat Goes Fishing with their unique behaviors.

Enhance the Adventure

Dive into an exciting new world with the addition of a diverse assortment of zombified fish. Each fish boasts unique traits and behaviors, adding a mysterious and suspenseful element to your gameplay, ensuring no fishing expedition is ever the same.

Infuse Mystery and Excitement

Inject an element of surprise and intrigue into your Cat Goes Fishing experience with the introduction of a new set of Zombie Fish. Explore the depths and brace yourself for unexpected encounters with these undead marine creatures, creating an exhilarating and unpredictable gaming journey.

Extra Details

A collection of Zombie Fish.

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