Infinite Health

A mod for Cat Quest II
About the Infinite Health mod

Experience endless adventures in Cat Quest 2 with the Infinite Health mod. Enjoy constant full health and god mode, ensuring you remain invincible, and the option to personalize settings for a tailored multiplayer experience.

Unlimited Health for Seamless Gameplay

Keep your health at maximum level constantly, ensuring an uninterrupted and immersive gaming experience in Cat Quest 2. Dive into the game without fear of losing health or facing defeat at any point.

God Mode for Unstoppable Adventures

Enable god mode to become invincible, allowing you to explore the game's fantasy realm with unmatched strength and resilience in Cat Quest 2. Defeat monsters and conquer challenges without the fear of being defeated.

Tailored Health Options for Multiplayer Action

Provide the option to individually enable or disable the mod for each player, ensuring a fair and customized gaming experience in multiplayer mode for Cat Quest 2. Enjoy a level playing field and unique gameplay choices for every player.

Extra Details

Constantly gives you full health. You won't be able to die unless something kills you in one hit. You have god mode. Can be enabled or disabled for each player.

This modpack contains the following mods

Infinite Health Player 1

Constantly fills player 1's health up. This won't prevent you from dying if someone kills you in one hit.

Infinite Health Player 2

Constantly fills player 2's health up. This won't prevent you from dying if someone kills you in one hit.

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