Unlock Royal Arts

A mod for Cat Quest II
About the Unlock Royal Arts mod

Unlock or lock all royal arts instantly in Cat Quest II with just a click. Effortlessly refresh the tab to update the arts and enjoy the newfound power and abilities to conquer the challenges that await in this magical catventure.

Enhance Your Cat Quest II Adventure Instantly

Unlock all royal arts instantly and effortlessly, transforming your gameplay experience with the enhanced power and abilities at your disposal.

Effortless Royal Art Management

Simplify the process with one-click lock or unlock for all royal arts, updating them instantly and keeping your focus on the exciting quests and adventures in Cat Quest II.

Unleash Royal Arts at Your Command

Seize complete control and freedom with the ability to effortlessly lock or unlock all royal arts, ensuring your character is always equipped with the best skills for any situation.

Extra Details

Instantly lock or unlock all of the royal arts. Refresh the tab with royal arts for the royal arts to update.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Royal Arts

Instantly unlock all of the royal arts.

Lock All Royal Arts

Instantly lock all of the royal arts.

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