Achievement Unlocker

A mod for Cat Quest
About the Achievement Unlocker mod

Unlock specific achievements instantly in Cat Quest with this mod. Tailor your gameplay experience and progress effortlessly.

Customize and Progress

Gain the ability to unlock specific achievements, enhancing your Cat Quest gameplay experience and enabling you to progress as desired.

Save Time, Unlock More

Effortlessly unlock chosen achievements, saving time and elevating your gameplay to new heights in Cat Quest.

Enhance Your Adventure

Improve your adventure by instantly unlocking specific achievements, facilitating a more fulfilling and customized Cat Quest gameplay.

Extra Details

Instantly unlock a specified achievement, or all achievements at once.

This modpack contains the following mods

Achievement To Unlock

The achievement to unlock.

Refresh Achievement List

Refresh the list of achievements that are available.

Unlock Achievement

Instantly unlock the selected achievement.

Unlock All Achievements

Instantly unlock all achievements.

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