Give Gold

A mod for Cat Quest
About the Give Gold mod

The Give Gold mod for Cat Quest empowers players to effortlessly acquire any amount of gold they desire, enhancing their in-game economy and resource management. This mod allows customization, enabling players to enjoy a new level of play with enhanced possibilities.

Unrestricted Gold Collection

Elevate your Cat Quest experience by effortlessly accumulating gold and customizing the amount with the Give Gold mod, enabling you to reach new levels of play.

Enhance Gameplay Economy

Improve your in-game economy and resource management in Cat Quest by utilizing the Give Gold mod to acquire the amount of gold that best suits your gameplay style.

Empower Your Adventure

With the Give Gold mod, you have the power to tailor your Cat Quest journey by providing yourself with the ideal quantity of gold, unlocking new possibilities and enhancing your gaming escapade.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself as much gold as you want.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Gold to give

The amount of gold to give.

Give Gold

Give yourself the specified amount of gold.

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