No Damage and Instant Kill

A mod for Cat Quest
About the No Damage and Instant Kill mod

Transform your Cat Quest experience with this exciting mod that makes you invincible and allows you to instantly defeat enemies. Explore the delightful world without fear and embrace effortless battles, enhancing your adventure to new heights!

Fearless Adventure Awaits

Immerse yourself in the delightful world of Cat Quest, where an invulnerable character lets you roam freely without the fear of taking damage. Spend your time enjoying the adorable environment while the worries of defeat fade away.

Unleash Your Power

Experience the joy of instant victory over your foes! With the ability to defeat enemies in one hit, your combat encounters transform into thrilling spectacles, allowing you to focus more on exploring and less on strategy.

Level Up Your Gameplay

This enhancement encourages a fresh approach to your loot-fueled adventures, enabling you to dive deeper into the magic system and engage fully with Cat Quest's charming narrative, all while effortlessly conquering challenges.

Extra Details

You no longer take damage. You can't die. Instantly kill enemies with crazy high damage.

This modpack contains the following mods

No Damage

You will no longer take damage and can't die. This won't restore any health, only stop you from taking damage.

Instant Kill

When enabled, you will instantly kill any enemies you attack.

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