Set Jump Height

A mod for Cats are Liquid - A Light in the Shadows
About the Set Jump Height mod

Customize and set the jump height of the cat character in the game according to your preference. Enhance gameplay by adjusting the cat's jumping abilities to suit your unique playstyle.

Enhance Cat's Abilities

Take control of the cat's movement by customizing and setting its jump height according to your preference. Open up new possibilities and strategies as you modify its jumping abilities.

Navigate Levels with Ease

Effortlessly navigate through the game's levels by fine-tuning the cat character's jump height. Tailor its movements to match your playstyle and conquer various challenges with ease.

Unleash Creative Gameplay

Unleash creative and novel gameplay experiences by setting custom jump heights for the cat character. Explore different ways to interact with the game environment and uncover exciting new pathways.

Extra Details

Allows you to change the jump height of your cat.

This modpack contains the following mods

Jump Height

The jump height to set. The default value is 0.14.

Set Jump Height

Set your jump height to the specified value.

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