Chair Simulator

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Give Sit Points
Empower your Chair Simulator gameplay with the ability to instantly add sit points. Enjoy the freedom to customize the number of sit points added, allowing you to enhance your gaming experience and access new content within the game.
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    Embark on an unparalleled gaming journey with the Chair Simulator Fly mod. Explore hidden areas, unearth secrets, and navigate effortlessly through obstacles with free movement. Tailor your flying speeds to your preferences, providing a personalized gaming experience that elevates your gameplay beyond expectations.
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      Give Experience
      Enhance your Chair Simulator experience with this mod, granting you the power to level up effortlessly by giving yourself experience points. Customize your progress and accelerate your gaming with the ability to decide the amount of experience points to give.
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        Stop Sitting Pain
        This mod eliminates the negative effects of sitting in Chair Simulator, allowing for continuous and comfortable sitting without time constraints. It resets pain caused by sitting, offering an immersive and enhanced gameplay experience.
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          About Chair Simulator

          Buy chairs. Sit down. Accumulate Sit Points through the all-new Sit Point System. Spend your Sit Points on new chairs! The possibilities are endless. Chair Simulator has all your favorite chairs, from Eames, Starcke, Bertoli, Corbusier, Thonet, Emeco, Panton, Jensen, Breuer, Van Der Rohe and more!