Give Items

A mod for CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience
About the Give Items mod

Empower your character with unlimited items and resources, and optimize your survival tactics in CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience with this mod. Tweak your gameplay, become a top-tier homeless person, and enhance your overall experience within the game.

Survival Customization

Tailor your survival experience in CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience by using the mod to modify items and resources, enabling a more personalized and unique gameplay.

Become a Top-Tier Homeless Person

Transform your in-game persona into a top-tier homeless character by utilizing the mod to acquire unlimited items and perks, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Enhanced Gameplay Tactics

Strategically improve your in-game tactics and character development through the acquisition of various items and resources, elevating your overall gameplay within CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience.

Extra Details

Give yourself items and become a top tier homeless person.

This modpack contains the following mods

Item To Give

The item to give yourself.

Refresh Item List

Refresh the list of items that are available.


The quantity to give.

Give Item

Instantly give yourself the selected item.

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