Fast Ability Cooldowns

A mod for Children of Morta
About the Fast Ability Cooldowns mod

Elevate your gameplay with the Fast Ability Cooldowns mod for Children of Morta. This mod provides instant cooldowns for all abilities and relics, ensuring a smooth and enhanced gameplay experience, enriched with improved combat strategies and dynamics.

Enhance Your Gameplay

With this mod, experience an enhanced gaming experience with improved abilities and relics. Enjoy fast cooldowns that seamlessly integrate into your gameplay, providing a competitive edge.

Seamless Abilities

Equip your characters with the power of instant cooldowns for all abilities and relics. This mod ensures that your gameplay is smooth and uninterrupted, allowing for dynamic and effortless combat.

Master Your Abilities

Gain the advantage in battles by utilizing this mod to access instant cooldowns. Master your abilities and relics with rapid recharge times, perfect for creating powerful and engaging combat strategies.

Extra Details

Gives you fast cooldowns for all abilities and relics. Your cooldowns will instant.

This modpack contains the following mods

Fast Cooldowns

Gives you fast cooldowns.

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