Set Gamemode

A mod for CHKN
About the Set Gamemode mod

This mod allows players to effortlessly switch between creative and adventure modes, empowering them to seamlessly adapt their gameplay experience to their preferences and needs, providing unparalleled flexibility and personalization in their CHKN adventure.

Effortless Game Mode Switching

With this mod, effortlessly transition between adventure and creative modes, empowering you to adapt your gameplay to your preferences and needs.

Personalize Your Gameplay

Alter your gameplay experience with ease by swiftly changing the game modes, allowing you to craft your world the way you desire for a truly personalized gaming adventure.

Seamless Game Mode Alteration

This mod bestows you with the power to seamlessly switch between adventure and creative modes, ensuring a smooth transition in your game and completely transforming your exploration and building experiences.

Extra Details

Instantly set the gamemode to creative or adventure mode.

This modpack contains the following mods

Set Creative Mode

Set the gamemode to Creative Mode.

Set Adventure Mode

Set the gamemode to Adventure Mode.

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