Set Time

A mod for CHKN
About the Set Time mod

Seize command of the in-game time by utilizing the mod to set the hour between 0 and 23, granting you unrestricted control over the day-night cycle and offering a personalized gaming experience.

Master Time Control

Take charge of the in-game time and tailor the environment to your liking by setting the hour anywhere from 0 to 23. Enjoy perfect control over the day-night cycle and game ambiance with this unique time control mod.

Enhance Fluctuating Game Scenarios

Use the mod to instantly influence the game's dynamics by manipulating the time of day. Whether you prefer the serenity of daylight or the eeriness of nighttime adventures, this mod allows you to mold the game environment according to your preferences.

Unrestricted Time Adjustment

Unleash your creativity without limitations and alter the passage of time at will with this mod. Enjoy the freedom to seamlessly switch between different time frames and explore various facets of your virtual world with ease.

Extra Details

Control the time of day, select the hour between 0 and 23.

This modpack contains the following mods

Time of Day

The time of day to set.

Set Time

Set the time.

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