Give Upgrade Points

A mod for Choo Choo Survivor
About the Give Upgrade Points mod

Elevate your Choo Choo Survivor Demo experience with this mod. Gain the ability to instantly allocate upgrade points, enhancing your arsenal and empowering your character. Customize your skills and fortify your abilities effortlessly.

Enhance Your Gameplay Instantly

Elevate your experience in Choo Choo Survivor Demo by instantly allocating upgrade points and fortifying your abilities for intense gameplay.

Customize Your Arsenal

Tailor your weapons and skills to perfection with this mod, granting you the power to make swift upgrade allocations to suit your playing style.

Unleash Powerful Capabilities

Amplify the thrill of Choo Choo Survivor Demo by injecting upgrade points in an instant, transforming your character into an unstoppable force against the zombie horde.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of upgrade points.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Upgrade Points to Give

The amount of upgrade points to give.

Give Upgrade Points

Give the specified amount of upgrade points.

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