Train Speed Controls

A mod for Choo Choo Survivor
About the Train Speed Controls mod

Enhance your gaming experience with the Train Speed Controls mod for Choo Choo Survivor Demo. Take command of your train's speed and acceleration, activate powerful boosts, and swiftly come to a stop, providing unparalleled control over your in-game locomotive.

Personalized Speed Settings

Tailor the speed and acceleration of your train to suit your gameplay preferences. Whether you prefer a slower, tactical approach or need to escape from hordes of enemies with lightning speed, the mod grants you complete control over your train's performance.

Tactical Speed Tactics

Utilize the mod to strategically adjust your train's speed and acceleration, giving you an edge in outmaneuvering foes and strategically navigating obstacles. This can significantly impact your survival strategies and progression in Choo Choo Survivor.

Unprecedented Power Over Speed

With the ability to set an instant max speed or deploy a swift stop using super braking, this mod redefines your control over speed in Choo Choo Survivor, transforming how you engage with the game and enhancing the gameplay experience.

Extra Details

Change your max speed, acceleration, add a speed boost or come to an instant stop with super braking.

This modpack contains the following mods

Max Speed Value

The max speed value for your Train.

Set Max Speed

Set the max speed for your Train.

Acceleration Value

The Acceleration value for your Train.

Set Acceleration

Set the Acceleration for your Train.

Boost Strength

The strength of your Boost ability for your Train.


Activate a speed boost for your Train.

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