Win & Lose Level

A mod for Choo Choo Survivor
About the Win & Lose Level mod

This mod allows players to instantly win or lose levels in Choo Choo Survivor Demo, providing an alternate approach to gameplay by overcoming obstacles more easily and altering the overall experience.

Elevate Your Choo Choo Survivor Demo Experience

Alter the game experience by instantly winning or losing levels, providing a fresh take on the challenges within Choo Choo Survivor Demo.

Overcome Obstacles Effortlessly

With this mod, you can effortlessly bypass difficult levels in Choo Choo Survivor Demo, allowing for a more relaxed gaming experience.

Change the Gameplay

Introduce unique challenges by choosing to win or lose levels instantly, offering a fun and different way to play Choo Choo Survivor Demo.

Extra Details

Instantly win or lose level.

This modpack contains the following mods

Win Level

Instantly win level.

Lose Level

Instantly lose level.

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