Hat Unlocker

A mod for Chuck's Challenge 3D 2020
About the Hat Unlocker mod

Unlock all of your owned hats in Chuck's Challenge 3D 2020 instantly with this mod! It simplifies your gaming experience, providing immediate access to your favorite character customizations without offering free DLC.

Transform Your Collection

Take your character customization to a whole new level! With this mod, you’ll have access to all the hats you own instantly. You can enhance your gaming experience by expressing your style without any delay.

Simplify Your Game Experience

Forget about tedious unlocking processes. This mod streamlines your gameplay by enabling you to unlock all hats with just one simple setting. Focus more on solving puzzles and enjoying the game's features!

Stay Competitive

Want to stand out among players? By unlocking all available hats right away, you can showcase your unique style and creativity. This mod helps you stand out and enhances the competitive aspect of Chuck's Challenge 3D 2020.

Extra Details

Instantly unlocks all hats. This will only unlock hats that you own and won't give you DLC for free.

This modpack contains the following mods

Unlock All Hats

Unlock all hats when enabled.

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