Give Treasure

A mod for Circle Empires
About the Give Treasure mod

Achieve faster progress and enhance your gameplay experience by instantly granting a specified amount of treasure, with a hard limit of 300k to ensure game balance. Experience the convenience and efficiency of this feature for improved resource management.

Enhance Your Wealth Instantly

Quickly boost your in-game wealth by granting yourself a specified amount of treasure with this mod, enabling you to progress faster and explore more possibilities within the game.

Maintain Balance and Fair Play

This mod ensures game balance by imposing a hard limit of 300k treasure value, preventing excessive advantage and keeping the game fair and competitive for all players.

Convenient and Efficient Gameplay

Enjoy a fast and straightforward treasure-granting feature that effortlessly adds value to your gaming experience, making resource management more convenient and enjoyable.

Extra Details

Instantly give yourself a specified amount of treasure. There is a hard limit of 300k for the max amount of treasure value you can have. After this point, you can not longer give yourself any more treasure.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Treasure to Give

The amount of treasure to give.

Give Treasure

Give the specified amount of treasure.

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