Give Money

A mod for Cities Skylines
About the Give Money mod

This mod provides a quick and simple method to enhance your in-game financial resources, allowing you to instantly acquire your desired amount of money without the usual time-consuming processes. With the ability to effortlessly boost your city's economy, you can enjoy an improved gaming experience, free from the limitations of limited in-game funds.

Boost Your City's Economy Instantly

Obtain financial freedom by quickly acquiring substantial amounts of money so you can continually develop and improve your city without waiting to accumulate funds.

Enhance Your Gaming Experience

By removing the limitations of limited in-game money, you can fully unleash your creativity and build the city of your dreams without any constraints.

Effortlessly Expand Your City

Spare yourself from the grind of resource accumulation and invest more time in expanding and managing your city, allowing you to unlock its full potential.

Extra Details

Give yourself money.

This modpack contains the following mods

Amount of Money to Give

The amount of money to give.

Give Money

Give yourself the specified amount of money.

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