Click to Double

A mod for Click to Ten
About the Click to Double mod

Enhance your gaming experience with this unique mod that enables clicking to double the current value, providing a faster and more exciting progression in the Click to Ten game.

Amplify Your Gameplay With Value Doubling

Enhance your Click to Ten experience by amplifying your gameplay with the ability to double the current value simply by clicking. This feature enables you to progress faster and achieve higher scores effortlessly.

Customize Your Click to Ten Experience

Tailor your Click to Ten gameplay by adding the value doubling mod, providing you with a unique and customized gaming experience that aligns with your preferences. Enjoy the flexibility and personalized touch this mod brings to your gaming sessions.

Boost Progression and Scores Easily

Accelerate your progress and boost your scores effortlessly with the value doubling mod. This mod allows you to expedite your in-game advancement, ensuring a more engaging and rewarding experience while playing Click to Ten.

Extra Details

Clicking now doubles the current value.

This modpack contains the following mods

Click to Double

Clicking now causes the number to double. This will add one if you are on zero becomes double zero is zero and that's no fun.

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